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XEIKO Dog Training Edmonton

I use a reward-based balanced          approach to training.

I use a reward-based balanced training approach to help dogs learn and behave. 


My training techniques are based on operant conditioning, using the following key principles:

  1. Behaviours are taught utilizing positive reinforcement (food and/or toy).  Once behaviours are known, the three other quadrants (negative reinforcement, negative punishment, positive punishment) of operant conditioning are used to increase the reliability of the behaviour.

  2. Use clear, consistent communication with structure and boundaries to help the dog understand what is expected of it.

  3. Use play to build engagement with the dog and enhance your relationship with your dog.

  4. Tailor the training to the dog's individual needs and capabilities, and use the least intrusive and aversive methods necessary to achieve the desired result.



I teach you how to use operant conditioning principles to train your dog effectively and fairly. My reward-based balanced training method is fair, consistent, and tailored to your dog's individual needs and capabilities.

My Training Process

My hour-long sessions are private one-on-ones at your location with you, your dog, and me as your trainer. During these sessions, we will work on various techniques with your dog and give you the opportunity to practice as well. It's important to consistently practice the techniques learned in each session at home between meetings to ensure your dog's progress.


Between sessions, you can email me with any questions or concerns. In subsequent sessions, we will review the homework you worked on and continue to tailor the training plan to your dog's individual needs. My goal is for you and your dog to have an enjoyable and productive time together.

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