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XEIKO Canine Training - Jason Born - Law Enforcement Seminars

Canine Seminars

Xeiko Canine Training offers seminars on all aspects of patrol dog training. 


I have been raising and training Police Service Dogs for over 12 years and served as a Canine Unit trainer for 9 years until late 2022. In 2022, I received a Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to Police Work for creating a novel and comprehensive 20-week Dog Master Training Curriculum that various police agencies in Canada and the United States are adopting.

I specialize in all aspects of training a patrol dog, including the following:

  • Tracking 

  • Obedience and agility 

  • Building and compound searches

  • Evidence searches

  • Apprehension 

  • Remote collar fundamentals and conditioning 

  • Laser directional 

  • Muzzle aggression

  • Gunfire neutralization 

  • Vehicle search/extraction 

  • K9 and Tactical integration 

  • Raising of prospective Police Service Dogs

  • Testing, evaluation, and selection of Police Service Dogs

Recent Seminars

Tracking Seminars by Xeiko Canine Training

Xeiko's 3-day tracking seminars are designed to teach handlers and their canines the basics of police dog tracking in both rural and urban settings. The training focuses on an article-based methodology to enhance dogs' tracking capabilities on various surfaces, increase their sniff rate, and improve their focus.


Instruction is delivered through both lectures and hands-on practical exercises. Participants will receive detailed lesson plans outlining the methods for training dogs in article indication, field tracking, hard surface tracking, industrial tracking, and residential tracking.


*Working spots are limited to ensure that each canine and handler pair receives adequate practice and repetition with the methods taught. Observer spots are unlimited, providing opportunities for additional attendees to learn through observation without actively participating in the hands-on exercises.

Xeiko Canine Patrol Dog Training Seminars

Contact Xeiko Canine today for seminar availability and pricing.

I'm always looking for new and challenging training opportunities. Let's connect.

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